fredag den 30. december 2011

Love dress!

Hej guys, im Laura!
I just want to talk i little bit about a dress, that i LOOVEE !!
I wore it for my cousins wedding, and everyone complimented on it :)
they really liked it, and i got so happy :)
So, i thought why not share it with you guys too? ;D
Soo, here is the dress which for me, is one of a kind<3

Ideas for Room design.

Hey guys i designed my home for 6 months ago. I think that 3 different colors will give a perfect look for the look.
The colors I used: turquoise, brown and white :)

love my home :)

onsdag den 28. december 2011


Hey girls i am Leyla.

Here is what i was wearing to my friends wedding.

Just casual but feminin.

Blazer from: H&M
Watch: Guess
Skirt: Vero moda
Shoes: Deichmann

Belt: Gina Tricot.

DIY - Make your own painting

Hey guys its Leyla again :)
Its no so hard to make some creative. I made a picture with crayons. You just have to place them like i did on the canvas and open for your hairdryer. The only thing you have to do is begin to dry the crayons. The colors will dissolve :)
This will make my room much interesting :) lol

Give it a try.

Write to comment or ask me about this DIY :)

DIY - make your own clutch.

Hey guys, i am Leyla.

Here is one of our Do It Yourself blog.
I looked for a red clutch but i think that its was so expensive, then i decided to make my own with a placemat. Yes its true. You can make your own clutch with a placemat. You can see how ;)

 All you need is this:
 Sew the ends:
 Here we go:
 Now you have a clutch :)

Write down below for questions or anything :)

Love Leyla

Hair Volume.

Hello sweethearts it Leyla here.
Here is a trick to make volume on your hair the whole day long.
You just need to tease the top of your hair and place the bumpits. And here we go.
 My teasing brush is from M cosmetics. (from matas in Denmark)
 AAAAND... its how it looks like.

Write down below for questions :) <3

tirsdag den 27. december 2011


Hi, it's Laura :)
Okay! Jeffrey Campbell is seriously one of my fave shoe designers IN THE WORLD! :)

Like HOW can shoes be soooo amazing designed ? :)
I don't own a pair, but i hope i will very soon :)

Here is some pictures of the collections that i like :

I ´really wish i had the beige, grey and black, military green and the burgundy red colored ones :)

A pair that i WISH i owned for New years is this one:

i am in loooveeeeeeeeee with these shoes !!! <3
And here's just some other picctures of shoes from Jeffrey Campbell: